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Leading With Heart Coach Certification Program

  • Understand and apply the Leading With Heart philosophy

  • Build a deep self-awareness and discover your key motivators

  • Learn to align your life purpose with your life's work

  • Learn about the foundations of coaching and leadership

  • Understand your life's greater 'Yes'

  • Be part of a community of like-minded women

Leading With Heart Coach Certification Program

The Leading With Heart Coach Certification Program caters to women aged 26 to 35 and includes three months of coaching in personal leadership development with an emphasis on reflection and inner transformation. Participants will engage in deeper learning through individual coaching sessions throughout the program.

Leading is lifelong learning which develops when you commit to learn about it, to build the courage to go for your dreams and when you are determined to stand up for your beliefs.

Leading With Heart supports individuals to source their leadership from within by following their heart, listening to their intuition and taking concrete action. It is a philosophy that demands both surrender and courage.


Yene Assegid, PhD, ICF/MCC

Leading With Heart Director & Program Designer
Transformative Leadership Coach | Trainer | Author

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Why join the Leading With Heart Coaching Certification Program?

  • Gaining a deep understanding of who you are and how you relate to the world

  • Learning the power of your leadership mindset and how to recalibrate your behaviour

  • Taking responsibility for your choices and their consequences

  • Acquiring coaching skills to boost your impact as a change agent

  • Building a global network of like-minded women leaders

2022 Session and Registration Dates

Leading With Heart Coach Certification Program

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Registration closes November 30, 2021

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