ELF Program Founding Member


It is  my goal and passion to have a nonprofit organization for my fellow disabled people in the future and gaining leadership skills is a starting point to becoming a leader and role model to people I am going to serve. For this reason I was interested to join The ELF Program. I have observed that most women with disabilities, in my country for example are sidelined from taking part in important programs in the society such as leadership programs. This is so because they lack someone to empower them, to motivate them to take part in the society. I want to be one of the women who will empower my fellow women with disabilities to make a difference in their communities.

In addition, participating in this program has helped me gain so much. I have learned that in order to start something good one has to start with the resources she already has thereby clearing the path to your success. I have also liked the spirit of unity in the ELF Program regardless of our diverse cultures and the distance. I see each participant as a sister. This increased my learning experience and will also help me become a better member in my society which is full of different people.  

Furthermore, losing my sight in 2011 was painful and heartbreaking but I quickly accepted my condition and I moved on with my life because I understood that there is a reason why everything happens and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I am self-motivated and because of this I know I can make a good difference amongst disabled people and encourage mindset change regardless of my condition.

Before I joined this program I had a lot of questions and fears. I was worried about navigating on the internet, who was going to pay for my fees and since it was my first online learning experience I did not know what expect. Overtime I became very comfortable and it was not as hard as I thought it would be.  Online learning needs discipline and time management skills and with that one will not have any trouble with online learning. 

In conclusion, this is a great program and I will recommend others to apply in this program because it is inclusive and helps women and girls to engage themselves in developing their country  by raising their voices and help others change their mindsets about what they think about women.

ELF Program Founding Member


The moment I heard about the ELF Program, I expected to know more people and receive lectures on leadership. But what I found was so much more.

It was a tangible life coaching.

A change in life after each session.

Friends to share good and bad time and a strong sisterhood. 

It is a place for those peoples who do their best to change the world for good. 

Saturday is the day that I wish if it comes twice a week because of all of you.

After graduation I am going to miss Dr. Yene's podcast audio, that I heard after turning the light off and closing my eyes.

In this day I would like to forward my respect and admiration for the ELF Team (Dr. Yene, Denise and Patti as well as guest speakers) for their time, vision, kindness, mentorship and volunteerism.

Finally I would like to say congratulations for my colleagues for their sisterhood and respect.

I feel proud to be a Founding Member.