Ubuntu: An African Philosophy

"I am because you are"

I am because you are” ­–– The African philosophy of Ubuntu is at the heart of our core values, here at ELF

Ubuntu refers to humanity and community and it is about recognizing that one exists in relation to one's community. It's about being seen, recognized and appreciated. It's about togetherness. We have created this space for us to gather as a community for the length of your course and beyond. We have dedicated this space to nurture learning and to be there for one another. 

In this space you will meet people from all over the world, as classmates, peer group members, guest speakers and lecturers.

You are starting a life-changing journey. What you get out of it, will depend on what you put into the program including your commitment and engagement to the assignments, your discussions and what you share. 

This is a space for women. We are not excluding men, but we feel we will best serve our calling putting all our attention and effort into supporting women to express their leadership, engage their vision and life journey. You might see a few men, women champions, as part of our staff or joining as speakers or supporting us as advisors.  

Our discussions in this room will remain closed and we ask you to abide by the code of honour to maintain confidentiality in all aspects of what we do here. We respectfully ask you to never post, share or distribute any part of this space with anyone outside our community or on any other platform. 

This LIVING ROOM space will provide you with messages and announcements on upcoming events. 



Let's get social!

Join in the conversation and network with like-minded women from around the world!