You will find all items related to your course work here including pre-session reading, assignments to be submitted, and live webinar access.


Session 1

  • Introduction to ELF & Welcome

  • Meet Peers/Team/Coaches

  • Visit the Facilities

Discovering your Leadership

Session 2

  • Understanding the meaning of leadership

  • Learning the language of leadership

  • Exploring your own leadership

Dreams, Thoughts and Life Vision

Session 3

  • Making your dreams concrete

  • Aligning your dreams and thoughts to your life vision

  • Developing the means to keep track of your vision

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Session 4

  • Learning how emotional intelligence works

  • Exploring and developing your emotional intelligence

  • Learning holistic being, thinking and doing

Managing your Energies

Session 5

  • Understanding and nurturing your key Energies

  • Learning and practicing work life balance

  • Learning and developing effective time management

Diversity and Inclusion

Session 6

  • Learning and practicing inclusive leadership

  • Understanding and standing for social justice

  • Shifting perspectives and expanding your worldview

Communicating with Magic

Session 7

  • Learning how to communicate with impact

  • Learning to engage courageous conversations

  • Learning to speak with confidence

Conflict Management

Session 8

  • Understanding the source of conflict

  • Learning to work through conflicts

  • Removing fear of conflict

Designing a Life Journey

Session 9

  • Understanding how to make a life plan

  • Developing tools for staying on track

  • Learning to set milestones and objectives

Graduation & Award Ceremony

Session 10

  • Graduation

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Networking and building relationships

  • Award Ceremony for selected Pitches

  • Welcome to Alumni Platform

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