We have been fortunate to have like-minded souls who believed in this program when ELF was still just an idea.

ELF has come into the world with the support of our wonderful Alliances, who dreamed along with us. We are grateful for their partnership and we continue the journey with them.

Meet our Alliances

Blackwell & Ruth is a multi-award-winning creator and publisher of internationally bestselling books, exhibitions and films that are published and distributed in 40 languages, and the creators of 200 Women: who will change the way your see the world, an international book, exhibition and film project founded on the principle of gender equality. You can read more about them at www.blackwellandruth.com.

Blackwell & Ruth

Meet our Alliances

Established in 1998, Capital is the leading Ethiopian weekly business newspaper published and distributed by Crown Publishing Plc. Capital, also known as Capital Ethiopia is a paper published on Sundays, and on the hour daily on its website and social media channel. Capital brings news, entertainment, music, fashion, and sport information with the latest breaking news and videos.

Capital Ethiopia

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