Here's what our Founding Members have to say...

“...participating in the ELF Program has helped me gain so much. I have learned that in order to start something good one has to start with the resources she already has thereby clearing the path to your success. I have also liked the spirit of unity in the ELF Program regardless of our diverse cultures and the distance. I see each participant as a sister. This increased my learning experience and will also help me become a better member in my society which is full of different people.

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ELF Program Founding Member

Sandra Chimphonda | Information, Communication and Technology Student

“The moment I heard about the ELF Program, I expected to know more people and receive lectures on leadership. But what I found was so much more. It was a tangible life coaching. A change in life after each session. Friends to share good and bad time and a strong sisterhood. It is a place for those peoples who do their best to change the world for good.

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ELF Program Founding Member

Lidet Shamil Hassen | Doctor Veterinarian Medicine, Veterinary Pathology Fellow

“I ... experienced warmth, love and care from the ELF Program, it felt more like a family to me and it has helped me grow stronger both physically and spiritually and today I carry with me so many voices in wanting to make a change in my country and I believe that one day I will surely set an example to most young women here in Zambia. ”

ELF Program Founding Member

Musonda Kasalwe Kapalaula | Medical Student

“The ELF Program showed me that leadership starts from the small things like how we choose to manage our day to day life and how we lead our lives determines what kind of leaders that we are going to be. The ELF Program being an honest, comfortable, open, and safe space to share and communicate with such incredible coaches and my fellow sisters, and being part of this loving and caring sisterhood are my best experiences I had. I definitely recommend this amazing program for young women all around the world for all the great things that they are going to achieve.”

ELF Program Founding Member

Hilina Tesfaye | Architecture Student

“I recommend the ELF Program because it is an all-inclusive leadership skill enhancement program. Through the connections it is the best place to enhance communication skills. It can help young woman to interact and share experiences from diverse perspectives.”

ELF Program Founding Member

Meron Pawlos | Junior (B.Sc.) Mechatronics Engineer

“I gained many things from the ELF Program, such as managing conflict in different situations, managing my own emotions, and managing time.

Above all I understand how I must act in day to day activities to reach my dreams. ”

ELF Program Founding Member

Martha Legese | Doctor Veterinarian Medicine

Have you been looking for a program where you can...


  • Master leadership basics

  • Learn about Emotional Intelligence

  • Join a global community of like-minded women

  • Understand Feminist Leadership

  • Learn to follow your dreams and clarify your life purpose

Leadership is lifelong learning. Leadership develops when you commit to learn about it, the courage to go for your dreams and the determination to stand for what you believe in.

ELF is the only global online Leadership Development Program dedicated to young women aged between 16 and 21. It is designed and delivered by seasoned coaches and leadership practitioners over a three-month period. Through the ELF program you will discover your leadership and learn to apply it.

ELF will provide you with a space where you can learn, share, exchange, evolve and transform into your potential along with peers from around the world.  


Yene Assegid, PhD, ICF/MCC

ELF Founder & Director
Transformative Leadership Coach | Trainer | Author

Why join EveryONEsWorld Leadership Foundation Program?

Learn to lead in service of others.

  • Develop self responsibility

  • Gain insights into social responsibility

  • Acquire tools for economic responsibility

  • Develop awareness for environmental responsibility

Join in the conversation and network with like-minded women from around the world!

We'd love to have you join us...

Registration closes July 31, 2021

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Here's what Leaders have to say...

“Skills in self-awareness, leadership and compassion are essential tools to navigate the unknown, and I couldn’t think of a better person than Dr. Yene Assegid, to guide this learning.

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Theoretical physicist, technologist and aspiring extraterrestrial

Dr. Adriana Marais

“What better way to encourage a hopeful future than to foster the next generation of women leaders by providing them with a global network of mentors, coaches, teachers and peers.

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Associate Professor Transformative Leadership California Institute of Integral Studies

Joanne Gozawa, PhD

“As a coach and a person who’s lived in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, Yene has the cultural awareness to navigate, communicate and celebrate the differences. She uses humour, questions, ideas and stories to help people reflect and understand the world around them.

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International Development Practitioner

Faye Yu

“Le programme ELF veut accompagner des adolescentes dans la découverte de ce qu’il y a de meilleur en elles-mêmes, tout en acceptant ce que les autres ont de meilleur.

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Sociologue Ambassadrice du Burkina Faso en Italie

H.E. Ambassador Joséphine Ouédraogo Guissou

“Leadership for Women” ELF program focuses on the development of a student’s “soft skills”: the ability to empathize and listen to others, then speak in a manner that will be understood, not just heard.

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Individual Wealth Management

Larry Biel

“Through ELF, Yene brings an opportunity and a space for young girls to learn more about themselves, about leadership, have a chance to connect with each other and work together to achieve their dreams. I am confident that ELF will help guide young girls who in turn will help build a better world.

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International Development Practitioner

Ismaël Frédéric Fouad

“As Yene herself says, "Leadership starts with how we lead our own lives; how we make choices; how we make decisions; how we draw boundaries or not; and how we choose to stand for human rights." We whole-heartedly endorse ELF. It is aspirational, inspirational, and ambitious; and yes, it can transform lives and improve the world.

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Champions of programs for young people

Michael and Maureen McMurphy

“Yene is an inspiring leader in her own right, and someone we’re honoured to count as a colleague and friend. We are proud to collaborate with her, and whole-heartedly endorse her inspiring initiative, ELF, and its mission to inspire and support our female leaders of tomorrow.

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Co-founders, Blackwell & Ruth

Geoff Blackwell and Ruth Hobday

“EveryonesWorld Leadership Foundation (ELF) is designed to be a pivotal life-changing program for young women.

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Executive Coach & Management Consultant

Teresa Woodland, MCC

“I believe in this dream, this initiative. I believe it will make each country recognize the invaluable contribution of women to the spiritual, social, political, economic and cultural fabric of life.

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Anglican Bishop in the Diocese in Europe. Based in Berlin, Germany formerly Bishop of Botswana, Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Chelmsford and Vicar of Barking, London.

Rt. Revd. Dr. Musonda Mwamba

“Yene has created a priceless gift for young women – a head start on developing their own leadership, which will help them make the best out of their lives.

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Managing Editor Capital Ethiopia

Teguest Yilma Bultcha

“Au-delà de son intelligence, Yene Assegid mettra dans cette entreprise sa passion d’iconoclaste qui est un art qu’elle sait parfaitement dompter. Elle a évidemment compris que l’avenir de notre continent sera forgé par ses jeunes femmes.

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